“Becoming a Voice for Well-Being” – EUniWell Showcase Conference

Dear lecturers and students!

We invite you to join the EUniWell Showcase Conference “Becoming a Voice for Well-Being” on 9-10 November 2023. The conference takes place in the University of Murcia. The aim is to celebrate the Alliance’s achievements and embark on fresh endeavours under the new Erasmus+ funding. Experience inspiring presentations, engaging round tables, witness the launch of the EUniWell strategy framework, and connect with the EUniWell community online!

Highlights of the Showcase Conference:

  1. Inspiring Presentations:Experience thought-provoking presentations and showcases by EUniWell’s arenas and working groups, highlighting their accomplishments and contributions to the Alliance.
  2. Strategy Framework Launch:Witness the official launch of our EUniWell Strategy Framework for 2030, the basic roadmap for the Alliance’s future development.
  3. Engaging Round Tables: Engage in dynamic discussions during our round table sessions, fostering knowledge exchange and inspiring new ideas.

Registration for online participants

For more information please visit the EUniWell web-page.