4EU+ for Ukraine online workshop for students: “How to Professionally Plan Your Career”

An interactive workshop designed to help discover and develop your full professional potential. Over three intensive hours, participants will, among other things, learn practical tools for effective job searching and enhance self-presentation skills essential in the recruitment process.

12 December 2023, 13-16 CET, 14-17 Ukrainian time

Workshop Goals:

1.Discovering and Developing Professional Potential:

  • Identification of strengths, skills, and passions.
  • Effective utilization in professional pursuits.

2. Understanding the Recruitment Process and Improving Qualification Skills:

  • Acquiring key knowledge about application documents and job interviews.
  • Practical tips on effectively presenting experience.

3. Developing Self-Assessment Skills and Career Direction:

  • Expanding self-awareness of strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Better direction in one’s professional path.

4. Gaining Knowledge about the Current Job Market Situation:

  • Preparing for the effective adaptation of job search approaches based on the latest trends in the market.

5. Enhancing Competence in Using Modern Job Search Tools:

  • Learning to use the latest technologies, online platforms, and tools.


Upon leaving the workshop, participants will be equipped with:

  • A specific action plan.
  • Personalized application documents.
  • Experience in job interviews.
  • Developed self-assessment skills.
  • Knowledge of modern trends in job searching.
  • Motivation for further professional development.

Prepare for new challenges and effective steps toward achieving your professional goals!

Instructor: Ms. Aleksandra Stańczak – Career Advisor, experienced English language teacher, and certified tutor. Specializes in conducting career consultations, providing support in career path planning, and assisting in the preparation of application documents. Supports individuals in achieving professional success by delivering professional advice and practical guidance, as well as conducting workshops and training sessions.

Language of instruction: English.

All the participants can receive a certificate of attendance.

Registration is required. If you are interested, please register online until December 7th 2023: registration link