New Medical Humanities

Dear researchers,

The University of Cologne and EUniWell Alliance invite you to join the interdisciplinary network that combines academics from life sciences, medicine, social sciences and humanities to address issues of health, care and well-being from a broad perspective. The network addresses societal challenges of medicine such as demographic change and migration, globalisation, pandemic, digitalisation and shortages of nursing care.

The Cologne network is currently running a lecture series with colleagues coming from sociology, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, rehabilitation studies and many more.

The network is inviting researchers from EUniWell to get together and explore ways of collaboration. The network is also planning a summer school for Master and PhD students next year.

If you are interested in the initiative, please sent an email to Dr. Erik Dzwiza-Ohlsen (edzwiza@uni-koeln.de), who is part of the coordinating team from the Department of Philosophy.